about facts and feelings...

Venetian whore

How big is the chance that the words which make
my inside tremble and reminisce of nightly conversations,
are written by a virtual stranger?
But if reality is crawling too close, like a black hairy spider,
if your emotions are exposed to threats from the outer world,
I will gladly settle for a literal intercourse,
satisfied at knowing you from a deeper angle.
If you want to keep the foreplay between the pages of poetry,
I'm smart enough to admire your mysterious directness
and woman enough to let you have your freedom.
I won't ask you for sensible sacrifices -
I'll take your writing in as if it was your tongue.

I'd be your gentle kitty, I'd become your Venetian whore,
I let you be my heroic protector and use your full animalistic force.
I am the mirror image of your sufferings, undeniable -
like your heart's desire, inescapable as mortality.
Light as a feather, I'd twist my legs around you - untamed,
not trying to tie up nature like so many are doing;
I'd act as a shameless courtesan, yet
share my fragility with you, till the last drop.
With me you can be tiny and tremendous, drop the facades,
pull down the masks you wear during the daylight.
You know how patient I am, how wild I've been created,
comparing every man with you, I lost all interest in their stories.

The type of perfection, twisted and mind blowing,
like your physical appearance, like our soul's equalness,
like our haunting past filled with guilt or remorse,
could never have been created by a God -
unless it was Satan himself, who enticed us with greater abilities.
And if that's the case, neither of us should worry
that humanity's judgement will affect or come between
our incomparable status of joviality;
I live with dare constantly, yet even for me, it's frightening,
to grasp the thought of truly having a second half,
maybe we were united for a higher purpose?
It was the first time that I smiled in my sleep...

Poetry by FrancescaLuca
Read 666 times
Written on 2006-11-19 at 13:36

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If we find our wings, we'll be angels,
If we find the sea in us, we'll be dolphins,
If we find our fire, we'll be dragons,
If we find our soil, we'll be golden wheat.
If we find all, we'll be just humans.

Mukul Dahal
' maybe we were united for a higher purpose? '

True. We often unite for a higher purpose. This is a wonderful poem indeed. I loved every word.

Catacomb Villain
Wow...I truely loved this one Francesca...
It's like we've known eachother for years, seperated at birth,
Feels like we're writing eachother...
Untill the next write Francesca...

Whew! What can I say? I loved every word and thought of this text. I'll be reading it again.
You have got a wondrous fire, girl.

Zoya Zaidi
Very interesting and unoque expression!
Welcome to the bay dear FrancescaLuca.
Love, Zoya