I thought of the phrase while msging a friend...it's powerful!

Hungry heart

Hungry Heart
Needing you to love me
Hungry Heart
Wondering if you care
Hungry Heart
Wanting you to need me
Hungry Heart
Wanting you to care

Hungry Heart
Not satisfied with laughter
Hungry Heart
Its only food is love
Hungry Heart
Don't give up when you're starving
Hungry Heart
Save me from this pain!

Hungry Heart
Can you give me what I long for?
Hungry Heart
Can you show me that you care?
Hungry Heart
Don't leave me so empty!
Hungry Heart
Don't let me go to waste!

Poetry by Parnika
Read 805 times
Written on 2006-11-21 at 08:44

Tags Heartache  Hunger  Pain 

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Mark J. Wood
Just remember that, like shopping for food when your stomach is empty, bad decisions can be made by a heart that is hungry. Have breakfast, make a list, then shop.

Kathy Lockhart
This is a beautiful poem Parnika. It reads like a song. Perhaps you will put music it to and sing it for me. :)