This may not make sense unless u read Give me tears..I was not planning on making this a poem's more like a diary entry..But it does have the beauty of a poem!

I can cry

I got my tears back!
I got my tears back!
And I got a peaceful easy feeling.
Thank you tear glands, thank you God.
No reason to cry just feeling blue
The things it can do to you.
Tears-how I needed them.
My face is red like I plead it to be
My nose leaks onto my pillow like I needed it to
Everything upsets me
Every small thing makes me hate myself
Yes, they still taste like seawater
Reminding me of the beach.
Hot horrid angry tears
Falling onto my pillow
My wet red cheeks
My head aches
My tears heal my wound
And soon
I can cry
I can cry
It feels so good I could smile!

Poetry by Parnika
Read 692 times
Written on 2006-11-21 at 08:50

Tags Tears  Crying  Healing 

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Dear Parnika,
I love how you express your feelings...crying is te best way to decrease our pains and agony, but it's also a way to run away from them, sometimes we have to have face our pain in order to overcome the aching part of it, tears are helpful especailly when you talk about your troubles, i am a male, and im not ashamed to say whenever i feel pain and sadness from old memories or recent stuff i cry, i cry, i cry like a kid and it helps alot, thank you for making me feel im not the only one :D