The Sinners Life

Foot prints along the shoreline,
daring not to walk in the path.
I shall seek the prints of this stranger,
or is it my Lord calling myself home.

I myself denyed the fate of calling,I wanted to
live in this sinner's soul to hide the unknown.
I put myself in each soul that walked the path.

I shall seek this path to find my soul for whatever
reason it may be.
If I walk the sands path shall I find the unknown of
my fate.

The Lords Path

I your Lord ask "shall you walk this path to
find the unknown that was never told."
Step into the print it shall be told.

You were once loved by another who knew
you were married,now its beyond love its
obsession taking control.
He wants you,he needs you,but knows he can't
have you.

Walk my path day and night,for you shall never
be his death.
Walk with the Angels light,for you won't die
by the sinner's hand,walk the Lords path.
Sands Of Love I Pray.

Poetry by wbluerose02
Read 463 times
Written on 2005-10-12 at 04:27

Tags Expectation 

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