We are having our family over today for thanksgiving so I wrote this to read as my prayer.

Thanksgiving 2006

Thanksgiving 2006

How happy we are to be here with you today
We will have fun as we talk, eat and play
We know you have many other things to do
Kee and I will always cherish this time with you

We love you Kim, Eric and Logan
As we do love you Aidan and Colin
Phillip and Jamie it should not be a surprise
We love you both as well as Samuel, your prize

Patrick and Emily we do also love you
Hoping one day you'll make one out of two
Barbara and Gary oh, what can we say
We simply love you and we're glad you're with us today

We also pray thanks for those who are gone and not here
We get comfort in knowing that You, God, have them near
We thank you for Janet, Amos, Daisy, Kim Brad and Jill
We pray for Dave that all will soon know his innocence is real

We also remember the brave ones who're away from family and home
Seeking to spread freedom in the foreign lands where they roam
Keep them strong, faithful and safe God and let them always know
They are not now or ever will be forgotten and that You love them so

As we celebrate Thanksgiving with our family and with all our love
Let us not forget that all good things come from, You, our God above

Sam Lockhart 11-23-2006

Dexter, Bo, Gordon and Mr. Kitty
We sure don't want to forget you
Even though you are deaf dumb and stinky
We are glad you're with us and not in a Zoo

Poetry by Sam lockhart
Read 608 times
Written on 2006-11-23 at 18:07

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;Great work my friend. I enjoyed it--every bit of it including the P.S.; although, I don't know who they are I assume they are probably some of the kids toys or pets.

Phyllis J. Rhodes
I am so glad I found this! I didn't see it on my page for some reason, glad I checked under your name. This is great!! It's just so inspired. So heartfelt. And I loved the PS!!

Kathy Lockhart
Sam what a beautiful prayer of thanksgiving. Well the first part was beautiful; the ps was funny. Funny can be beautiful. So, the whole thing is beautiful. Yeah, that's the ticket! So glad you are writing. I love seeing your name here. Check out my Mexican Night poem. It's kinda of catchy...I think you will hear the music. : )
love you, Kathy