This is for my sister Kathy, who I love beyond discription, in response to her poem titled The Naked Clown.

From Time to Time

We are all Clowns to ourselves and sometimes others
From time to time
Every Father Son Daughter and Mother

We are Clowns of fun and Clowns of sorrow
From time to time
We were Yesterday, Today and will be Tomorrow

As we look at life through our own Clown eyes
From time to time
We see gloomy and dark but sometimes clear skies

Which Clown eyes the sky of life we use to view
From time to time
Are changed by challenges and joys for me and you

On earth our Clown make up we can't control
From time to time
Waves of hope and disappointment continue to roll

What shall we do with our wigs and our Clown paint
From time to time
Put them on and hate like a devil or love like a saint

We are all Clown human beings and I suggest we do
From time to time
Love laugh enjoy and support each other me and you

Sam Lockhart 12-8-06

Poetry by Sam lockhart
Read 769 times
Written on 2006-12-08 at 18:23

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An excellent post! I too act like a clown at times. There is nothing that I like more than getting a laugh out of people and think I would do anything to get one. I have always been that way; I suspect that I should have been a comedian, but chose other ways to make my way in life.

Still even now in my older age I throughly enjoy the laughs that I get. Most Brewer's are that way I think, but there are a few of us that are sticks in the mud.

I suspose that it is that way for all families.

Great piece!

Phyllis J. Rhodes
This is good enough to eat! Good like a great roast beef sandwich which satisfies and gives you strength to tackle a challenge or master a task. Its yummy!

Kathy Lockhart
thank you Sam. This means so much to me.
You feel my heart and see me through and through.
That's what brothers and sisters do.
From me to you and you to me
strength grows from the root of our tree
We are blessed not with fortune and fame
But with a family that goes by the Lockhart name.