Just some thoughts stimullated by experiences that I have had in my life. Some may not understand but my family will.

The Juggler

The Juggler

Who am I while in this earthly life
I have two sons a daughter and a wife
Do they belong to me or are they on loan
Am I here to spend some time before I go home

What is it that I should do today
Wake up complain or go to work or play
With my Grandson's who are my Doodest boy's
They are Gods gifts to me they are my toys

Should I think about the future for the ones I love
Or concentrate on my future with the one above
Should I think about wars injustices and fears on earth
Or should my thoughts dwell on the Virgin birth

Problems it seems to me be a curse
They attack me and make bad things worse
Each problem demands my attention and time
It appears there is no relief for need of my dime

My business my family my justice struggle
Are the balls that I must continually juggle
Don't drop this and don't drop that
Today I must pull a rabbit out of my hat

I am honored and cursed by where I was
I want to escape sometimes as everyone does
There seems to be no solution or end in sight
Shall I flee the battle or stay and fight

Evil like blood in some people flow
They're filled with ego and power from below
Spewing their lies like seeding a field
They have no concern for the hope they've killed

Battle on stay true and fight for the just
Things I've been taught says that's a must
I have no choice to give up run or flee
I must stay and fight to set the innocent free

Juggle on juggler for that is what you do
The problems you juggle they are not new
Cursed you're not in your battle or plight
When you are for truth God helps you fight

Sam Lockhart 12-21-06

Poetry by Sam lockhart
Read 766 times
Written on 2006-12-21 at 18:49

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Phyllis J. Rhodes
A psalmist is at work here. This reflecting so brilliantly the plight of so many good people who are continually tempted and tried, while others of bad character seem to be left alone to do their dirty deeds, unscathed. It reminds me of the old Mountain Gosple song "Farther Along" . Farther along we'll know all about it. Farther along we'll understand why...
Like the psalmist David you have stated your case in the beginning, then come round to the understanding that it is all in God's hands. As the song continues, ...cheer up my brother, live in the sunlight. We'll understand it all by and by.
This psalm can be read when I am feeling angry and doubtful and bewildered, and know that God understands these feelings and it's okay to express them. But then, I can continue to read and know what I need to do - look to God and keep on going.

A dark poem of yearning..for something..yet a light shines through:hope. Excellent write!

Kathy Lockhart
Sam, i feel it. You have written it out so well. It flows out of you. I am glad that you are writing, expressing yourself here. Your struggles are many and seem to have no end. Our family has and continues to deal with the adversity that is brought upon us. These lines are my favorite. The similes leave vivid images and evoke such emotion.

"Evil like blood in some people flow
They're filled with ego and power from below
Spewing their lies like seeding a field
They have no concern for the hope they've killed"

Love you,