Based on a verse by George Michael's "Praying for time", "And charity is a coat you wear, twice a year"

Hands Confused

The colder it gets,
The more the hands shake,
Between what it has been taught,
And what it is seen,

Hands can and will be,
A reminder,
Of the days going colder,
And the jobs and contradictions,
It must perform at the behast,
Of orders given by emotion,
Given by chance,

They do what they are told,
Our oldest companion,
And first tools we ever had,
We know how to pay,
We know how to pray,
But as the weather breathes ice,
An old war wages on,

A celebration of charity,
A celebration of getting and giving,
And foremost,
A celebration of being,

And instead of being evenly celabrated,
We usually try to cram it all in,
On one day,
Can you see the confusion,
Of the hands,
Two primary jobs, bickering,
And the hands can't just eager say,
"My name is Paul and this is between yal",
It's a soldier, that must follow orders,

Sacrificing reason, to satisfy,
Sacrificing sensibility, to give them everything,
Sacrificing morality, so they can get,

But what about give and teach,
Most things are meant to be given, true,
But you must teach resposibility for the things given,
And for the one that is free, their faith,
It everyday, not just Sunday,
It's praising the birth, not an appraisal,

And in the middle is the hands,
A solution has been found for the hands,
And for you wearing your charity coats,
Give more than a present,
Give more than an annual visit to praise,
Give yourself and give love unto others,
Begining today and forever more,
A day like 12/25, should be a rest,
For all the work done prior,
Due to faith, due to sending and passing love,

That is the heart of a present,
Given or received,
Caring and sharing,
Not an expensive pacifier,
Use to numb and forget,

If hands can pay up,
They can pray up,
One is really more essential than the other,
You pay everyday without question,
What happened to praying?,

Asked the hands,
Because I'm just so tired,
And overly tried,
About being so confused,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 541 times
Written on 2006-11-26 at 09:02

Tags Hands 

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A superb write!
Hand are also for giving deserved applause.


you are a man of great character and heart brian
your faith and integrity are very evident in your work
you are a rare gem in this world of so much deceit and pride
thank you for being you, don't ever change