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A kind of a stretch

"Life is short, but must be taken with patience,
Because haste is a waste of time",

Ask me who I am,
I'm just like you,
Just a man try to make sense,
Find some peace in violent surrounding,

I work out my brain a little more,
Than I work out with weights,
I watch way too many movies,
Because fantasy makes more sense,
Than the selling of reality,
Like chep drug dealers in three-piece suits,
But whatever,

Ask me do I love,
Of course I do,
I have love,
I'd lost love,
But I stay in line,
I watch people get theirs,
And I watch people skip in line,
Like lunch time and wonder,
They don't like what they get,

All speed no patience,
Now speed was never bad,
It's just that its not used properly,
Speed is best used when you know the outcome,
Like a phone call with automated machine,
Not when it's important to you,
And you desired outcomes of life,
But hey, what do I know?,

And ask me do I feel,
Oh yes, I do,
Everyday for everyone,
Who feels in their heart of doing,
The right thing,
To help others with humilty,
Not as charity and arrogance,
And that's true love,
Or one good example,
For someone to know,
For someone special to see,

Seeing the feeling is important,
Because after all the talking,
All the descriptions,
All we really is proof,
Of life, of love, of hope,
Words touch the soul,
But proof touches the body,
But like always,
I'm always the last to know,

Any more questions?,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 465 times
Written on 2006-11-30 at 07:30

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always deeply insightful, you have a great capacity to see through the bs of life and cut to what is real. patience is a virtue they say...with a heart like yours im sure someday you will take hold of what you see others enjoying or abusing, but only the best for you brian, only the best.
wonderful to read your work.