A contribution to CoolAaron's Love recipe challenge!!!

Saga and Blues Love cake

What softens a harden man?,
And what soothes a troubled woman?,
But yet the aroma,
Of something that you are looking forward to,
Everyday and every night,
Nobody makes it better,
And nothing makes it sweeter,
Than a sweet and loving cake,
Made by the loving hands and bodies,
Of two,

Saga and Blues Love Cake


Sugar, lots of it!
Cinnamon, gives just a touch of spice
Butter, for a silky smooth taste
Vanilla, takes sweetness to a higher level
Chocolate, warms and excites the vanilla
*Flower ~ gives freshness to the mix

1. Sprinkle the sugar into the dish. Be generous. Never is there enough.
2. Stir in the cinnamon. Inhale the aroma. Close your eyes...take in the essence.
3. Now, Melt like butter.
4. Fold in the vanilla, softly, gently.
5. Stir the chocolate over and over again
6. Mix together, whip it if you must! Yes, whip it, but don't beat.
7. Blend into a creamy mixture of delight
8. Take a taste to make sure nothing is missing.
9. Bring ingredients to a slow simmer.
10.. Pour into a heart shaped pan, that has been buttered and flowered.
11. Bake in the warmth of love
12. Turn up the heat often.

Serve up with love and devotion daily.

And daily I live for it,
And I hope you do, too,
It massages, it soothes,
It makes me beyond,
Happy, Gentle, Satisfied,
It just makes me want to be,
A better man to a better woman,
Every day and every night,

The dancers moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 632 times
Written on 2006-12-01 at 05:02

Tags Cake 

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::::~]M[ a x ~ ]D o l b y~::::
I am a cook, :)
i must try this at home yeah?


lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
hey a great co write you twqo
this is a brilliant entry
rgds mike

Kathy Lockhart
I'll take mine with ice cream and
drizzled with hot fudge! Please have
Johnny Depp serve it to me...bite by
Yummy, delicious poetry. I am soooooo

Give me a slice of that 'cause I am lovin' it!!!!

~Aaron Rowe

great recipe, great chef...you are always a joy to write with brian.
thanks bunches dear