We always look for it, and unfortunately, it resides right under our noses!!!


It begins with you,
It begins with me,
It begins with time,
And it begins in a place,

It is just as natural,
As violence is, unnatural,
It is the breath you take,
The steps you make,
The touches you take,
And the thoughts you make, (most of them),

And everything is about it,
Songs, phrases, love,
Preaches, teaches, love,
It is everywhere and everything,

It is our final trial, after love,
Trials and tribulations are our first chapters,
Devotion and love, or vice versa, is the next,
Building and renovation is next to last,
And the calm of it is the last, at last,

My early Christmas present to you is,
That even through our times,
Even when we express "Good will toward men/women",
Through our own caring ways,
When we see others so desperate for modern and basic needs,
We are never far away from it,
It doesn't dwindle, but gets covered,
In our defense, self-righteousness,
And searchings,

Like a progidal child,
We always get tried and tired of the chase,
We always fear of what we lost ourselves to become,
And we always want to go home,
Sooner or later,
We'll get there soon,
I promise you all, we will get there,

It begins with you,
It begins with me,
It begins with us,
And it begins with all,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 945 times
Written on 2006-12-01 at 05:45

Tags Peace 

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Phyllis J. Rhodes
Another great poem. May I add my thoughts? The author of peace, the one who begins it in us is The Prince Of Peace; that babe in the manger that wise men traveled so far to see. Our personal peace can only come from Him.

Zoya Zaidi
Peace is within us,
Peace is without us,
Peace the 'Mantra' of today's world,
We can not survive wothout peace,
Peace is our only salvation today!!!
((((Hugs dear Saga for that very timely and heartfelt poem))))
Love, Zoya

::::~]M[ a x ~ ]D o l b y~::::
PEACE...every female and male in this world is in a constant search peace...i seek peace of mind others seek peace of life...many forms of peace..your poem sums up evrything...


night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
Great poem my friend!But it always begin with violence. . . If violence didn't exist we wouldn't need or know what peace means.

And yes you are right when you write:
It begins with you,
It begins with me,
It begins with time,
And it begins in a place

So the real question is: who were you when all began in that specific place and time in your life? The peace maker or the trouble maker?

Thank you for this poem!Very thought provoking!

Kathy Lockhart
"Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me." A line from a song we sang at my high school graduation. I hold that has a personal statement. I don't always succeed but I will never stop trying. Peace is the ultimate love.