In all honesty!!!

A fiction

A year,
This time of year, especially,
We see and seek opportunity,
To compete, compare,
To lose sight, vision and sense,
To live in a costume of stories,

Jealousy grows when friend or foe,
Accumulates or prospers,
So we speed up to keep up,
Make up to stay up,
All and everything, but,
Purchasing or seeing the one thing that will scare us,
A reflection in the mirror,

We take without asking,
Whether or not it is a crime,
Physically and emotionally,
A price will be paid,
To stay in a race,
You've chose to run,

Don't let indecisions be your decisions,
A thinker never worries about time,
In the path of decisions,
Because thought or impulse,
Right or wrong,
The decision was thought over,

A scam only works with pressure and time,
To take money from the naive and unprepared,
In the guise of helping hands,
Or a rushed voice,
In a spot like this, ask yourself,
"If it's so good, why can it be there later?",
Like a famous rap duo once said,
"You can make a perfect pinic,
But you can't predict the weather",
How can they?, how can they?,

Desire to gain through,
Desperation to give despair,
To others in order to gain,
Robbing Peter, Paul and friends,
To pay yourself,
But the true reward is not money or even gain,
But ignorance,
And ignorance has a whole different set of rewards,

One is reprecussions, payback,
Either here or in the afterlife,
The other is remorse,
A tough exterior hides a broken person,
Worse than a slave, but a loss of essence,
In which is sorely missed,
Price, how much is enough?,
How much is too much?,
A responsibility and duty unto yourself,
To seek, find and finally solve,
For better or worse,
In all honesty, to yourself,
And everyone else,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 643 times
Written on 2006-12-02 at 08:14

Tags Fiction 

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Phyllis J. Rhodes
There is so much here, where to begin. I'll just say, you have preached a marvelous sermon of truth with beauty. Wisdom runs throughout. It is written so well, in thought provoking style that brings readers to points to ponder.

great way to examine all our motives brian...thought provoking piece.