Based on a old song by Nice & Smooth

Sometimes I think slow, Sometimes I think quick

Missed targets and fallen trees,
Names the opposition on both sides,
One to judge, one to shame,
A simmering collaboration,
Of batting eyes and moving stances,
All they know is right things,
But practice in wrong ways,
And all they know is shame,
But hope that they done, the right thing,

There are no decisions of a child,
Being born, no laws,
To give the right to live, no ideas,
To inform the naive and the anxious eagers,
But the incident happens,
Choices were made and the fee has come,

A crazy thing, denial,
We do and never talk about it,
We watch it and want to do it,
But we never think of,
Does it make it right?,
Can we handle it?,
The only defense for wrong it seems,
Is "oops", I did it again,

A savoring dish called life,
Has now become a TV dinner,
Filled with scenarios and no healthy thought patterns,
No one says "I'm ahead", you always hear,
Catching up or Hanging on,
Sad existence for a task,
That should be endured and remembered,
Not nuked and watch fade away,
I guess that what a bill does to you,
Or a child, or a side to oppose, or sit down to,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 699 times
Written on 2006-12-03 at 09:11

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Love this - have seen the pic you used before with the words 'Female IT Professionals' under it!!!! :) :)