This is for my sister Kathy who I love and is also to help my sister Phyllis find some Kudsu. Love you both

Babel No More

The trouble with looking at life
From the darkness we are sometimes in
All you see is naked pain and pure strife
That's not where we should begin

Every moment we have a choice
Where we allow our minds to stay
Take control of the evil dark voice
Listen to him no more today

As tumbleweeds entangling our thoughts
Run quickly with purpose save your soul
Focus only on the one who bought
Our happiness was his goal

Even though we have all been there
In the piercing din of damnation
Where ideas thoughts becomes a blare
We remember we are God's creation

With thoughts of Madison I relate
And little man Joey as well
And don't forget Daisy Kate
Let them free you from your hell

These words are sent sincerely in love
I think your future well be bright and a ball
Just stay focused on the one voice from above
He protects you and me together on His wall

Poetry by Sam lockhart
Read 673 times
Written on 2006-12-04 at 19:33

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Oh yes, I love this Sam. Now Kathy has a picture of and a poem about Daisy up about Daisy here. I think she is adorable and reminds me of her Grandma.
This is a wonderful poem my friend. Sorry I have been so long in coming back around. I just get involved in reading the same people over and over it seems.
I will try not to wait so long the next time.
Again--I think this is an excellent piece of work.

Kathy Lockhart
thank you Sam. I am truly covered, supported, and loved by my family. I have a wonderful family I see and a wonderful family that I feel. I blessed with both. Thank you. This is so very wise and beautifully written.

Phyllis J. Rhodes
Awesome! A perfect antidote for those depressing deamons we are so susceptable to. There is power in these words and much wisdom too!

Zoya Zaidi
A lovely sequalae to Kathy's 'Babel' which was not actually a babel...
Wow! What poetic family you are- everyone writes... What a congregation of talents... You all are such talented poets!
Welcome to the bay, brother Sam! Kathy's brother is my brother!
Love, Zoya