Everyone gets some new info, fine, but please have the ability to use it and respect it carefully.

When and how to use intelligence!!!

Just because you parked the car for the first time,
Doesn't make you a professional valet driver,
Just because you heard that something carries,
Something that shouldn't be there, doesn't mean,
You start protests and bonfires at the supermarket,

People learn something new, everyday,
That is the purpose of life, of being,
But you must respect the lessons of old, first,
Understand the new, and then slowly,
Bring the new into practice,
Not find new info,
Take it and then force it down someone's throat,

For example,
If you ate pork all your life,
And because of new info, you don't eat it,
You don't go and curse every barbeque stand, do you?,
I ask that loosely because there are some, who will,

Just remember,
The old rules existed for a reason,
They were tried and true,
They were new a long time ago,
But with experience,
As with your new info,
It will either be changed or rendered,

Respect the old, before forcing the new,
To work efficiently,
To help the needed,
And to help the society function accurately,
I guess,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 578 times
Written on 2006-12-05 at 07:34

Tags Smart 

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This is a nice text which you wrote
Each single line was true which daily it happens in people lives

Yes about the pork
I don't eat pork too
But I'll do like you mention

sounds like the old adage, 'think before you speak or act'
nothing new there, still i find wisdom in this simple cliche.
wisdom defined here brian
good work