about women..


I've got enough admirers to survive any heartbreak,
Standing beyond the corner, waiting for a tiny smile.
Men used to be so important, maybe I should switch to women?
I slam souls as if they were wooden doors, with spiky nails
Sticking out and entering brains, as needles, in the ancient times.
I'm furious, believe me: hysterical actions don't turn me on anymore;
A year of marriage taught me various lessons
And I can succeed myself, in finally becoming smarter.
Is there no man who's on my level of mental strength?
Adult and masculine in his actions, yet grand about everything?
Had enough of fights and emotional arguments,
Won't let anyone drag me to that bottom again.
From now on I'll mingle the cards on my conditions,
If you want to be dramatic, go ahead –
I'm furious, believe me: tragic plays aren't my style any longer.
I broke loose from the chains, but you're free to be actors,
I'm too proud as a woman and honey, I don't give a damn anymore..

Poetry by FrancescaLuca
Read 810 times
Written on 2006-12-05 at 13:19

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good article and I liked it because it's all about women

Callisto Jean
This makes me smile... okay... grin proudly and half-idiotically. Yey, feminism!

This poem is so refreshing. It's very original with no clichéd lines. I just love the first two lines! And I want to own that simile you have, "slam souls as if they were wooden doors". XD

Terrific job!

Resilience, power to overcome, and vibrance---excellent! Bravo!

Rob Graber
"Is there no man who's on my level of mental strength?
Adult and masculine in his actions, yet grand about everything?"

--What a great example of how "realistic" our romantic ideals are!

Wangdi Gyalpo
I liked your guts of portraying your genuine feelings in your poetry. Your work reminded me of a poetry book titled, 'All About Women' by Taslima Nasrin. Please keep on writing. World needs poetess who raises voice for Women.