Don't let your indecision be your decision!!!

Never stop!!!

Slumber rests,
But should never control,
Because the world moves,
To stand still,
For the savor or reverance,
Who knows?,
But for this,
We must never stop,

They take and don't give,
And then they tell you,
That you can't,
And you won't,
But you stand not to sink,
Rise to never stay low,
And to prevail will light the way,
So never stop,

Bruised and battered,
Things lost and painfully remembered,
But they never took the heart and the soul,
To strive on to be more than a hero,
Or a role model, but yet, a true human being,
A inspiration or even, a legend,
And for this,
Never stop,

To stop is to let worry win,
Without thinking or even using caution,
Use the people and the elements that chose to suppress,
As stepping stones to rise up,
To what and where the road leads you to,
Worry is a soup of indecisions,
Clouding the mind to decide precisely,
Or somewhere close,

There is no such thing or animal,
As "ease on down the road",
Unless you're ready to pass out on the way,
The best rewards of life,
Are the trials, tribulations and experience,
That are accumulated along the path,
To where you are needed to be,
Just promise me this when you are on the way,
It will help us to always remember,

Never stop,
Never stop,
Never ever stop,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 672 times
Written on 2006-12-07 at 09:10

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A strong text!
makes one wake up!

with a new will to fight: to find the life ment to live and never stop living no matter how the world treats you on your path.

sometimes we all need a kick brian, i got your message loud and clear...dazed like a deer in the path of head lights, we need to keep moving or be mowed down...boy, did i need to hear this!
great inspiration