Forces of Good & Evil

A dark spirit posesses me,
On several points i may not be the man you like so much,
In a blink of an eye it takes control over my body,
I'd rather mutilate myself, but it is stronger then me,
Cannibalism is a nasty trait of mine,
So is sadomasochism,
Swinging whips and chains with razors attached,
Carvin' deep flesh wounds into your belly, arms and legs,
Spiced up with 85% alcohol makin' it's way through the gaping injuries,
You can call me schizophrenic, adore my first face,
My meatcleever is rusty, yes, in search for the right way to be handled,
Frustration, loss of self-confidence,
But I'm fighting tho, for myself, and for you,
Years I've been looking for myself, still haven't found him,
A woman walks into my life,
Purest of heart, stunning looks, sweet on the inside like cream in a dark chocolate bonbon,
She made me as big as an ant,
This cannot be!!! I'm humongous!!! I crush ants, now I'm the one to be crushed...
I might like the's adrenaline....
Love is overwhelming, the touch of your skin on my skin already make me burst,
Weak in the knees, ready to collapse, a she-devil!!!
And loving it.....
Rip of my clothes, scratch my chest till it bleeds,
Drink it, lick it, taste my feelings,
Have a piece of flesh, chew my body,
I can swallow you, but then I'll loose you,
So, I'll just absorb you,
Fusion of evil beings,
How will it turn out??
Turns out to be..."good"

Poetry by Catacomb Villain
Read 682 times
Written on 2006-12-08 at 15:21

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Powerful. This is a very strong and daring poem, just like the rest. This well written. I loved it. Thank you for the chance to read it. I love your poetry becuase it has meaning and a sort of life to it.


Beautiful.. A Greek writer once said: if you want to succeed as a poet - you must write honestly and bravely.. This poem has feelings.. You work keeps astonishing me..

This is oozing with angery power. I love it. Makes me want to listen to metal and punch somebody. Very good work.