The first of three related pieces

Woods 1

I walked until limp branches
mingled shade and shadow,
both as one, upon the trodden path
where lovers meet in anonymity
and passed you once without a word
while watching nothing more than
your faint silhouette fade into oblivion
knowing well you would return, soon.
The sun set -- sinking slowly,
dipping doggedly behind a hollow haze
etching blazing trails beyond horizons
farther than my eyes could see.
But, it was there and you were here, again,
night's blanket shielding all but form --
your substance slowly seeping
like a stream into my sphere of silent expectation
that you wanted me
(you thought);
but you could not be sure enough
until you touched my willingness
and raised your hopes of consummation,
an actuation begun by tender touch,
you, immersed in phantasmagoria,
while I, passively recipient,
responded to your manipulating hands,
gentle fingers speaking for themselves
as you ejaculated whispered murmurings
amidst the moans, guttural groans, and gasps
that took your breath away -- and mine,
electrically, the tremor reeling through my limbs
to finger tips and toes,
a chill still hying amidst a case of vertigo;
you left me in the darkness, satisfied,
too content to move a step;
you slid away unobserved
into the sea of darkness
and I never saw the smile
you must have had;
but I smiled, too, because we met
and loved as one,
as only we two could have done.

Poetry by NotaDeadPoet
Read 997 times
Written on 2006-12-10 at 18:23

Tags Love  Erotica  Life 

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