In collaboration with Nepenthes

Sonnet to a Kamikaze Snowball

A million egos of yourself as one,
Compacted, smooth, well-rounded, cold and white.
You prepped yourself for battle: one and done;
Once hurled, one shot in a ballistic fight.

A billion or two flakes fell in the storm,
Surrounded by a snowball fight from hell.
A pity that you looked so damned forlorn.
I launched god's wind, and ducked behind the spell.

The heat of fastball would have made it melt
and curve to drop enough beyond the wall
would need such great control to leave a welt;
I opted for the dancing knuckle ball.

It swerved, and curved, and dropped between belief.
The fans fell down and screamed, "Hail, to the priest!"

Poetry by NotaDeadPoet
Read 1076 times
Written on 2007-05-17 at 13:44

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Brrrr... Snow down my neck in mid May!
As enjoyable a read as always from you guys: You really know how to write a sonnet!