Not All Equalities Are Equal

Hair done up precisely, bouncing timely
musical metronome four/four time
to baton wielded by his check card
nails hardened, colored, shaped, and sharp
like music picks playing on his money harp
long limbs emerging from her Jaguar
eyes of dollar green emeralds on demand
all fingers gem-ringed clenching hands
diamonds, rubies, opals, sapphires, too
on platinum, go(l)d, and silver bands

But this is she some other one not you.

Face lifted more than breasts enhanced
Dermabrasions, tummy tucked
buttocks both been liposucked
to please his macho changing taste
she plays his adult playpen games
a stay at homer, dressed up as figurehead
queen of his prenuptial-ed fortress wall
pretending to have earned her way
with her mind but body scars
tall tales charming talisman tell it all.

But this is she some other one but you.

He frees her from that gilded cage by day
her chariot a public showcase of her wares
to all who envy such a life of opulence
the haves by nature of his name and hers
a tag-along, not fervent lover from her heart
but given gifts, her toys, each time he asks
demands on cue for her to play, perform her art
the words to say she spreads her legs apart
balancing the spread sheets woven spreads
on wrinkled bed sheets of her borrowed life.

But this is she some different she not you.

The other one with simple braids or pony tail
no music, just cacophony of common voice,
no German emblems on the hoods, no mags
reflecting jagged nails on calloused hands
just rugged stumps astumbling
from some dented wrecks
one ring with worthless gem-stone
imitation no golden bands,
just empty promises made day to day
no guarantees, no nuptials made at all.

But, this is she not anyone not you.

There is another order of equality:
though one is strong
more powerful
brilliantly endowed
the other quick of wit
each different sight
both with an equal view
unequal height
disparate raiment
they stand hand in hand
two equal

But, which is she which anyone
which you

Poetry by NotaDeadPoet
Read 1082 times
Written on 2007-08-14 at 09:34

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Lea Foverskov
great write. questioning identity, feelings, looks, relationships, emotions... lots of themes, lots of questions. in rob's words, a 'sharp' read!


Rob Graber
"...she spreads her legs apart
balancing the spread sheets woven spreads
on wrinkled bed sheets of her borrowed life."

This is a sharp and enjoyable write!