The third of the related pieces

Woods 3

I stood again upon that grassy knoll
where once we posed in friendly, warm embrace
beneath long, hiding branches of tall oaks
whose shade bore silent witness to a love

we freely shared beneath sweet nature's veil
those nights, bright days of afternoon delight,
those early morns when dew still freshly lay
upon green blades of grass and fallen leaves

where footprints left impressions, toe to toe,
yours small and lighter, still, than all the rest,
as stolen kisses reached forbidden lips,
while passion played, while eager hearts displayed

their throbbing thrusts, arrhythmic beats, a fugue,
as we disrobed our outer shells, left bare,
no earthly garb, touched carefully, first hands,
then arms and legs, like grappling vines entwined,

soft whispers, words like liquid streams, replete
with sweet ejaculations gushing forth
like prayers from sainted lips, ripe potent seeds
that promise blossoms from infertile ground.

I stood in reverie where once we lay
two bodies, souls, apart, though joined as one,
my self in you while you, receiving me,
gave up yourself as I gave me to you,

unbridled lust for life with no regret
except that now the leaves and grass are gone,
long branches bare, no witness left to see
those quiet steps that once left you and me

such memories I dream we can relive
once more recapturing the wild youth
we left imprinted once beneath tall oaks,
impressions face to face when we were young.

[to be continued]

Poetry by NotaDeadPoet
Read 983 times
Written on 2006-12-10 at 18:27

Tags Love  Erotica  Life 

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