she will not come back

and my heart does know that already
but my eyes are still crying

even if I could forget her
then how would I deny her existence?

even if I could leave the past
then how would I erase all those beautiful memories?

even if I could
how would I?

Poetry by Miro
Read 311 times
Written on 2006-12-11 at 16:46

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Life has a way of fulfilling what we ask for and expect, so stop expecting her not to come back, would help plus, what we have to do is fill the space with much distraction from those memories that cause us such pain. In my experience, trouble is mine just cause eruptions elsewhere!lol As your last line hints at! Must be my age too!lol Sorry for making a joke but life is very compensating and amusing sometimes.

A couple of typos. 2nd line 'eyes are still crying' 4th Line 'existence' 6th line 'beautiful' which it is.

Like the format too. couplets seem to suit your succinct style.

Smiling at you, glad you are exploring the possibilities....