better life

all this bullshit
all this pain
all this confussion
and all this fusteration
between her family
between her old friends
and between these guys
how much can a girl take
till she breaks down and cry??
her ex comes back into her life
while another is trying to get with her
her family is always yelling
and she is depressed
all she does is cry
and prays for a better life

Poetry by lynn
Read 616 times
Written on 2006-12-14 at 07:30

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John Ashleigh
It's true, it is heart felt. Being in a love triangle with no way to get out but to either self harm or drug abuse, it is a very serious matter - and it is heartfelt, my heart goes out to you lynn. Hope you're coping well. Give me a message if you're struggling. Well written.

Yet another heartfelt and powerful poem. Lynn, you know I am here for you and I always will. Keep on fighting my friend:)