Based on a phone call in the beginning of one of many hectic days!!!


Something to alarm,
Something to shock you,
the beginning of the day,
The feeling that you are about immensely late,
But, whatever,
You are the boss, for now,
And yet, we drag on,

And then the phone call,
It can be a family member,
A significant other,
Friend, whomever you waited for to call,
They did, and then it all makes sense,

Either holiday or some other day,
It's always good to be reminded,
Of why you are on the quest,
Why are you getting up,
Why you do whatever you do,
It's for a light,
And even a glimpse for a second,
Makes it all worth while,

From the dragging of the day,
Or the fight to survive the day,
It's what we feel all over the world,
Even between each other,

From truth and lie,
Prayer and curse,
The high will fall,
And the fallen will rise,
We are still in school,
If you think about it,
We are always being tested,
And if we flunk the test,
You don't get a F,
You get a "try again",
Until you get it right,
Or until you fail again,

An inspiration is the best battery to have,
Because it never dies,
It's more than vision, objective or even goal,
It's a belief of a feeling,
That it can come true and be realized,
Whether it's being satisfied, for yourself or others,
Or in my case,
Going home,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
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Written on 2006-12-15 at 07:19

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Merry Christmas ^^

Kathy Lockhart
sometimes it takes someone else to just flick the switch and turn the light on for us. We get so caught up in the darkness that we can't seem to even find the source of light. But, when we have someone to help us by simply flicking that switch (making a phone call, writing a note, smiling, loving) we see clearly again.

I often have asked God when summer vacation begins for i sure am tired of taking tests. I guess when the clouds open and He appears in the sky I will take his hand and live eternally in the summer of my life with him.