I was planning to write a sonnet for my mother as a Christmas present, then put it in a fitting frame. This is the result so far.

Sonnet 6 (For my Mother)

Some words are forged by love and love alone;
And what, you ask, can then give birth to these?
The mindless passion in a lover's moan?
Perchance the gratitude of granted pleas?
Then surely something godly, nay, divine?
For certainly devotion pure as this,
Must stem from God's own heavenly design;
Some faith bound version of an angel's kiss?
I beg to differ; why must everything
Sublime be of some high external force?
What of the warmth beneath a mother's wing;
Now there's a well one might call love's true source!
Indeed; for what is there of greater worth,
Than earthly love for she who gave you birth?

Sonnet by Thomas Selnes The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 933 times
Written on 2006-12-16 at 16:19

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J. E.
An excellent tribute, wonderful work!

betsy Firefly
To me, this is JUST right! I am a mother.

betsy Firefly
This sonnet is JUST right and I know, for I AM a mother!

Your mother is lucky to have you for a son! But, then it seems you must have a pretty special mother, too!



Rob Graber
Hey, Thomas! Nice to see you resurface, and with such a nice piece! The existing couplet is better connected, I think, with what has gone before. Dare I suggest strengthening the 'scarcely' quality of the possibilities raised--to be implicitly rejected later--in lines 3 and 4? One more thing on the couplet: I think you could do even better than what's already there, maybe using "birth" or "worth" and Earth" to insist (somehow!) that maternal love--a mammalian trait, after all!-- proves that we don't need heaven to explain virtue. Come to think of it though, that could be overly cerebral for your purpose; the recipient, unless she's an evolutionary biologist, probably would prefer the ending as it is!