Dedicated to one who loss is too great to bear alone. . .

Sonnet 105 My Heart Within Your Hands

For Tara as if to her friends

Beyond the dream of life anew inside
that lighter beating heart attuned to mine
his breath from me, his blood all coincide
as one, my breath, my blood with his combine.

Beyond the hope for life of finite dreams
begun in lust and love but lost in hate
that bloody fate-filled night let flow in streams
hot tears for one too early, one too late.

Beyond the hope for dreams, beyond the tears
are broken pieces left from shattered heart
one part by him who left, the other, fears
the life inside would have no chance to start.

But, friends, you reached me from far distant lands
to heal my hurt, my heart within your hands.

Sonnet by NotaDeadPoet
Read 1650 times
Written on 2006-12-18 at 01:49

Tags Loss  Personal  Life 

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Rob Graber
Beautifully done: music to the ear, comfort to the heart.