Child of ferocity

Let's run away together to the land where money falls
From both sides, like sand through an hour glass,
Where people flee like flies after stealing each other's secrets,
Let's be like children doing whatever comes to mind,
Even if it's as crazy as jumping from a rollercoaster
Into the waiting bunch, swimming in wiped sugar cream,
Licking each other off like newborn kittens.
Let's provoke..

Naturally I'm debating tough as a fighter,
biting resentfully as an arachnid,
Capable of killing devotion in a sting,
my own as well as that of outsiders,
But what do you suppose?
Infidelity was treating me as it's own offspring,
Since the instant I entered the maternity room,
I had to gain knowledge of enchantment -
locking myself out with readings concerning spies,
Females of offensive professions -
leaving the men, loving the money;
Words were on my side, as if they liked the acid flavour
of vile symphonies, forsaken hearts,
agonizing memories, downgrading acts of brutal moves;

Undoubtedly accurate distinguishing a leader in you,
a thousand year old voice persuading me
that there's a greater empire hidden in the human wrap;
Great ancestors, reincarnated as a God -
yet unknown to many others, success is begging at your feet,
like a sad slave, helping you fail in the minor duties
And darling, that's the uppermost gift, as established,
throughout the times gone by.
Maybe I drive you mad with my encouragement,
but you're the one in a million, the child of ferocity,
the minister of frost arctic hell, the preacher of the burial grounds:
Your outline fitting the requests of being melted on archaic coins;

Go ahead, smile, but let's challenge the familiar,
the average - let's endeavour having greater life legends,
uncontrolled streams;
Don't you believe in being your own divinity,
in determining your own outcome?
Like a curious child moulding mesmerizing figures out of clay?
Conceived by Julius, conceited as Greek gods,
adoring life and it's arrogance as Olympus itself
I can even make you believe in your immensity;
Try me - your luck, dare to spatter against
the raging of the storm it might rebound back
or just kill the little seraph on your shoulder;

Of course I'm talking sturdy as Perseus,
hacking Medusa's head off without even lifting a hatchet,
trying my best not to let doubts of the past rule,
But don't anticipate for my cannons to drop down,
giving my trust a chance to revive,
It's buried below a thousand feet deep,
so none but the Devil, will get the opportunity to taste it,
but you're part of him, aren't you?
I'll inform you a hundred & thirty times,
that feelings don't stroke me,
that I'm firm and never frightened,
but don't you notice how I'm clinging to you?
Petrified to collapse from your kingdom
of historical spider webs;

Never stood behind a man, merely in front -
so used to be the leading character,
That I couldn't even thank you adequately
for letting me be a woman,
Where's the soldier in me, the one who
could discharge anyone without clemency?
Clutching to every word, your breathing -
can make me disregard the entire universe;
Creation of Hades, superb as a fierce volcano,
completed for reverence,
In ancient times, armies would
set a thousand ships in flames,
In order to perceive a slight glimpse
of an underground conqueror;
Under no circumstances would I turn
into a bauble one could brush aside,
but our characters are so entangled
that I'd give the world - to share the identical pedestal with you..

Poetry by FrancescaLuca
Read 671 times
Written on 2006-12-20 at 00:33

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once again, amazing.
your self strength is evident,
fiery independence dependant on
no one. the imagery is top notch-
you have a remarkable skill in
stringing together seemingly ordinary
words and turning them into something
vibrant and passionate.
thanks for the read.

If your name and surname mean
absolute freedom and individuality,
then you have got ones
that perfectly suit you.

Bravo! Your writing is great!

Very, Very interesting,I felt myself being consumed by this, and the title so apt , this is an incredible piece and would deserve a standing ovation,Bravo.

Catacomb Villain
I do believe in my own divinity, as I do in yours...
You're still a soldier, never doubt this one second...
As for the Devil, you have already met him in person,
Felt and even tasted him...

X - C-Villain


Wow!! An excellent, interesting, enchanting poem--full of metaphors and imagery that is fantastic..and in the end, it is always more fun to be equal with someone, than to stand behind--but standing in front has it's advantages, is hard, that is for sure..a great write all-around..bravo!