So I have low self-esteem, always have. I sometimes think it is easier to pretend like I am shy or quiet when I am not, because I fear people won't accept me.


I don't care what happens right now
Nor do I wish to be something I am not
Dressed up or dressed down I still feel the same
I plaster that fake smile, for all to see
Finding it easier and easier to invert
Feeling constantly like I have the blues
Ending the charade won't be easy
Revealing the fact I am not so quiet
Easy as it seems to be for you
Needing to feel accepted
Trying my damnest to be likable

Poetry by Teala
Read 894 times
Written on 2006-12-20 at 01:30

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munir mezyed
I love the music of ur words ...

Exquisite write.

I've always looked at that this way some ppl. will some ppl. won't
it matters to me those who do, and I don't care who don't..


You're definitely liked for you talent here at the bay and that's as real as it gets..

People who don't see what kind of person you are
Don't give a dam
Don't care

Coz I know
What kind of a sweet person you are
I like you
You are not only a freind sweet angel in poetbay^^

Keep smiling always d:

Well you don't have to try hard with me Teala, I already know what a lovely person you are, and talented, as this acrostic testifies.

liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
You know what I think and
excuse my language here
but FUCK THEM if they can't like you for
you they're not worth knowing.

You are one of the BEST, CARING, KIND and HONEST
person I have ever met and if anyone
puts you down let me know as
they won't know what hit them when I blow in -
I am highly passionate about my friends including
my invisible PoetBay friends so just be you
and send them to me if there's any problems.

[sorry about my rant i am a bit upset at the moment]

An excellent poem with a lot said behind the lines.

if people don't like that then they're nobody
important to worry about - I will
always have your back.

lot's of love,

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
wonderful work Teala and you have explained it so well with this brilliant acrostic poem.

Teala, I perfectly know what you're writing about.. I went through the same thing - being self-confident is one of the hardest things in the world.. It's so unfair and mean that people concentrate on looks & other outer-formalities, forgetting where the true treasure lies.. My best friend was born with some sort of a scar on her face, and I hated those who accentuated it.. Let's try to seem confident, maybe one day it would come automatically..
x Francesca