Emergency rooms

I'm the secrecy they stand in row for at the Grand square,
The solitaire who's feet are licked off,
as ice-cream on a Sunday afternoon,
They'd each pay a million pounds to possess me,
at least in multitude; Nevertheless:
I stay the girl who ends up alone in the surgery quarters;
There goes another lonesome creature,
so used to be in the midst of people:
Her soul is blaring louder than mine,
dreadfully worried to stroll on her own
After constantly being mixed among company -
at least I won't lack the courage
To march down the empty, vaccinated corridor
straight to the stairway of torment,
Being used to seclusion in this life span,
I'll adjust quicker than alteration in the next;
Eating rat poison wasn't the smartest thing to do, girl,
but for that - there're always emergency rooms.

I'm the trophy they yearn to have in their storeroom,
not to treasure - Just to demonstrate
what one could walk down the aisle with,
Too bad I had enough of bridal wishes -
no man will slide a ring on my finger;
I'm the fascination they encircle with camera's,
serving meals wherever I go,
calling me a product of their vivid imagination,
Claiming that they'd drop the wives, cook the kids,
as long as I'm the driving force
that doesn't compliment me much, does it?
The only source that never left my side
throughout the years was isolation
it embraced me tenderly in cold-limbed lodgings,
Climbed all over me to make me overlook
the regulations of the forest;
Paradoxically enough it never claimed to love me,
unlike the rest: when I was at my lowest -
they were at their furthest;

Nurses not saying a word, passing by
as if you're were a transparent animal in a cage
I could've inherited these uniforms,
but lies cultivate higher than loyalty,
trying to disregard the decayed manners,
They state that past may not get lost, and for that
there're always emergency rooms.

The alluring mantel piece, ready for any feast
as long as the lights are glittery,
The humorous floating thing, at all times ready
to entertain with her elegance; Nevertheless:
I stayed the girl who ended up alone at the surgery quarters,
Until someone who truly seemed to care picked me up
- isn't life full of surprises?
Well at least for that I'm thankful,
for the existence of the frosty emergency rooms..

Poetry by FrancescaLuca
Read 563 times
Written on 2006-12-26 at 08:55

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Christian Lanciai The PoetBay support member heart!
Brilliant! Sincerest compliments!

I really enjoyed this stroll through your isolation Franchesca. Life can be a beautiful bitch alone unfortunately. Your observations on the why and wherefores hit home strong and hard, glad to see some light at the end of your tunnel poem coming through. Merry Christmas and a fab 2007, Tai