Love is not worth it

I never was much for it,
actually, I always did refuse to enter it,
since rivalry is such a beastly thing,
a passion uncontrolled like that of animals,
complete abandonment of reason for the sake of egoistic passion
let the bulls fight for their cows.
If other former wooers claim you
as persistent lovers of the past,
I will not argue with them
let them have their way,
and if the lady meets their claim,
that is a risky business for her,
since, whenever ladies choose among their lovers,
usually the best one is the lost one.
There were many instances like this,
when I lost all the ones I loved the most
while they succumbed to ruthlessness and blindness
of the drive of egoistic passion
and were wasted with their ruined lives.
For me love is more sacred than worth fighting for,
since you can only love in peace,
and it is better to safeguard your love alone
and keep it burning in inviolable sanctuary
than to risk it in debasing conflict
with intruders who don't care how much you love
if only they can have their brutal way
destroying in blind passion all that made love worth it.

Poetry by Christian Lanciai The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 472 times
Written on 2006-12-28 at 10:10

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Rob Graber
Original and profound. Hurrah!

i realy liked it

Dear Christian,
I loved this one - I completely understand & agree with your statement about love. It's deffinitely true that when women are asked about their best, dearest lovers - they choose those who'm they lost or never have gained. The poem is quite to the point..
x Francesca