A rebuttal to an e-mail given to me from the editor

The return of Saga

I slept long enough,
So here it goes,

Not so long ago,
I received a letter from the editor stating,
That the page will no longer show the picture, or, image,
That I put on my page and on my poems,
This came upon a very busy time for me,
And rather to respond angrily before the holidays,
I decided to let it be until I get back from my hometown,
Queens, NY,
But guess what,
I'm back and now I have a response to whom it may concern,

The last time I checked I was a member of this page,
After a rigorous fight with paying for it, i got it,
But it seems to be that the powers that be are calling the shots,
Without even consulting or expressing their feelings about the vision,
And future of this webpage,
Not first of all, I appreciate this page dearly, I wouldn't be a member,
But what happen to a right to put whatever image they see fit,
As long as it stands in the bounds of decency,
I guess that was decided for me, huh?,
But anyway,
I would like to converse with this individual,
That feels that an animated picture of an African-American child,
Is so appalling that it shouldn't be shown on a member's webpage,
Speak your peace and I will listen,
Don't pop out in the dark and flip the script,
Whenever you see fit,
Even you have to answer to somebody, partner,

I have missed you all,
And yes, I got something for you,
And I was on that path until, as you may have guessed,
I was so rudely interrupted,
By a self-made picture critic,
So most of this is off my chest,
Let's see if they can handle the package,

The dancer moves without a trace, has returned,

Poetry by Saga
Read 597 times
Written on 2006-12-31 at 09:03

Tags Debate 

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