The final installment of the trilogy


Everybody looks around when they are in a bar,
An elderly person in a retirement home knows a lot more than any professor you will ever meet,
No matter how clean you think you are, the basic rules were always made on the street,
Grudges make you old, moving on makes you "forever young",
Everybody sells something just as fast as they want a refund,
Everyone speaks a language that no one can understand, that's why we write notes,
Seduction begins with the eyes and ends with the feet, sometimes to the door,
When angry people like the IRS come a knockin', treat them like a lost tribe and promise the you will "bring back the sun",

Finance is like building blocks,
You get 'em, build 'em, knock 'em down,
And start over, why?,
Because we live to defy,
All and everything that comes our way,

And pointing the finger doesn't give solutions,
It just hurt the thing that solves,
Your hands,
As with beauty the solution is in you,
Cause and effect is the reason why,
You listen to a someone who knows something,
And run from a someone who knows everything,
Try to know nothing, so you can learn something,
Because it's so easy to crash the hard-drive,
And always strive to hear a white guy,
Say "what up!",
And a brother scream a rebel yell,

And that's what I learned from just enjoying the view,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 529 times
Written on 2006-12-31 at 09:51

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tony legba
The trilogy has some perceptive moments.
"An elderly person in a retirement home knows a lot more than any professor you will ever meet".
Some of the statements, however, have a transient interest. Reflect on them. And do the generalisations mean much afterwards?