Based on a song by "Oasis"

Cast no shadow

A moment turned,
So did minutes, hours,
Days and years,
Change is one thing,
Acceptance is another,
And with that we sometimes,
Misplace, not lose, a little,
Like spinning around in a circle,
Hoping that our shadow keeps up,

We question because we forget,
Not because of debating sake,
But every now and then,
We need to be reminded,
Of why,
And if it's for real, it's more than words,
It's more than in the eyes,
Body language or a smile,
It's knowing that it is for real,
And all you need to see,
As movements are only displayed,
By silohuetttes of shadows,

So here we are,
A face to a face,
Trying to stya, but slowly,
Flying away,
There is something wrong with this,
The usual questions have been,
Rounded up and answered to leave us with only,
The results,
A shadow of what we were, fades,
Things are being chosen to be, lost,
And it never guarantees, forget,
About face, forward and march,
A shadow thins,
Until it is,
No more,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 707 times
Written on 2007-01-02 at 06:41

Tags Shadow 

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Amanda K
a great work ,saga. you always come up with a new theme,,idea, feeling and music and i wish you all the best on 2007. i noticed a mis-spell i believe it was unintentional here "Trying to stya, but slowly" i think you meant stay..

all the best,

My word!! This is brilliant, very intriguing!!

"Change is one thing,
Acceptance is another,"

very true lines... left me shadow less :-)