Branded and hog tied by my youth.
I was uncouth then, or so my 4th grade teacher said
but instead of listening, I mocked her, not knowing about the pain, that was growing
...or how I may have died a little each day
I say that its because of them and how they ridiculed a dirty little boy.
As now a dirtier bigger man is proud of that judgment.
Whipped and beaten by lust and passions .
Scars that tell of fantasies.
Scars that tell of truth .
Scars that bleed as if they are newly formed cuts.
Scars that remind me of the bicycle I had when I was judged against the other little boys...
Mine was the no frills kind, that gave thrills on application, not on appearance...
It appears that I have just traded it in for a bigger bike, and I'm proud of this one...maybe too proud .
I love to show it off .
As I show it...
I blow it up with the air of filled tires.
Treading on roads paved by my desires.
Enslaved by images resourced by anguish.
Tortured in a way that is painless...
Make this hurt end...
Make it hurt so good.
Make me understood.
Please let them understand, as this filthy man, loves...but remains unclean and pleads
not guilty to the charges of innocence.
Innocent says a jury of peers as he peers through a peep hole to his soul
and peep shows him inside, but he remains hidden behind a wall.
A wall of all things physical.
He likes things physical...
I like things...physical.

Branded and hog tied for enjoyment.
His employment doesn't stimulate, and if they knew he was writing this during work he'd be fired.
I like fire, but I'm never burned, I burn hotter than it ever could.
So feel my heart as I race up to 200 degrees and my pants blaze.
As the scars form instantly...and my flesh becomes cinders. As ashes fall reminding others of what stood before them once...
A man, a dirty, hidden man, proud of being that, and smiling while burning at the stake of his very own soul.
I dismiss him...as he dismisses me
and we miss each other sometimes...
when alone...
when being branded and hog tied.

Poetry by TheNakedPoet
Read 578 times
Written on 2007-01-04 at 23:17

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Beautiful work, it really got to me.. I know what u're talking 'bout
x Francesca