My lips, your lips...two lips into one
Four lips under the sun
I am the son given to man
Standing face-front into infinity
Listening to my mortality through my headphones
Listening to the child left alone under bridge and street
Stepped over by the elite
I saw her retreat into the shadows, never to be seen or heard
My headphones are broken and I can't make out the words
Sounds keep cutting in and out depending on the wires dangling existence
Once strong like me...loud, proud and persistent
Please let us play fair and break from my arms this cycle of despair
Uni-Cycle of despair and I ride alone unbalanced between unfortunate circumstance and the unknown future
I am alone on this trying my hardest not to fall...because what happens when we fall?
We become scratched and bruised, broken like my headphones
Broken now like my will
Broke in and out like societies misguided morals
Shone bright light blindfolded by the simplest of quarrels
Never seeing the true vision of beauty
Never understanding the submissions of body on body...lips upon lips
My lips, your lips, two lips pressed together, four lips, foreskin
All the more reason to get it cut off before it gets infected
All the more reason not to leave it neglected

I have been treated surgically for a disorder, malcontent martyr for the innocent

I may in context be a narcissist but what can you expect when I am all I have
What can be greater than you when divided by two...mine and yours becoming ours and the individual becomes lost intertwined and resigned to pay bills and smile upon command.
It does seem awkward to demand reasoning when there is no such thing as reason
Reason being that a formulation of sounds into words and words into speech is way to far out of reach when communicating your soul

...so let it roll

As the Tulips can only grow within season and rise in the climate to the beauty of the earth and the realignment of the stars giving them worth and a reason to turn Pluto into a rock and find rivers on Mars

I'll cast my line, by Fluke I'll Flounder in the stars dish of Pices wish

I'll create my own astrology and chart a course using Ptolemy where the center of the universe is in control of me and makes the whole of me
It's my soul you now see that is bright and sending this message
...Halo it calls...
Essence of
All that is

Poetry by TheNakedPoet
Read 637 times
Written on 2015-01-13 at 06:45

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night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
Two lips can sound like tulips when you utter the letters with the right kind of emotion and devotion. Well done and the rest of the text awakens thoughts. Thank you for sharing and welcome back!!! :)