Glimpse of Heaven

Thank you for this glimpse of heaven...she stood there welcoming me
Bright green eyes that spoke of the world that I was once trapped upon
I took her hand and showed her a new dream
She gazed back at me and welcomed its chance to be
The angels lifted us up on wings of hope as they whispered without a word, songs that she had never heard, and we danced together...finally complete

She had joined me where there is no need for air or ground beneath our feet
Where we aren't bound by judgement, way up here, its crystal clear that we were meant to be
Where we were meant to see through each others eyes and reflect them, just the same
Creating this perfect moment that will hopefully remain

We believe in each other
We can breathe for each other
We concede to each other
We achieve for each other
We can rise above the rest of the world and create our own through laughter
and for each other we can use this love to guide and to look after

These are the words that I would speak to her if you let me, so you will never regret me...
I can be here when you wake, even if you cry yourself to sleep
I can open up my heart if you need a part of it to feel complete
I can teach you things, never thought but always sought
I can be the man to hold your hand if you are feeling all alone
and above all else, I can be myself and love you as my own...

Thank you for this glimpse of heaven...I stood there welcoming them
Wide eyes that spoke of happiness and the promises of a better world
I took their hands and showed them a new life
A life made of infinite dreams and possibilities
The angels placed us down and left us their wings so we can fly forever free
We have been given their hope and molded it into our own reality
Where we can now and forever, finally be together...and live out our destiny

Poetry by TheNakedPoet
Read 687 times
Written on 2009-02-11 at 05:25

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Doreen Cavazza
This is a wonderful piece. Very romantic, and touches the heart leaving the reader with a feeling of hope. Very well done.

Cor blimey my friend! this is such a romantic write. Every line is filled with heavens kiss. It is so hard to just trust in each other these days, to give over our faith to another and have it held so gently in equal tenderness, is such a rare love to find. I am so happy for you both. And it is true, every word. We can achieve our every hearts desire, if we have love. And it seems you do.

Happiness on Valentines and may your love always shine through your work and in your every waking moment.


Purple Phoenix
Oh this is beautiful, honest and heartfelt. THIS is poetry!

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
what a lovely poetic story vivid with emotional imagery.