What are the simple things in your life that bring a smile to your face? Please share them, so I can add!

A few of my favourite things..

Popping Bubblewrap

A nice hot cocoa on a cold night

Petting my cats, hearing them purr

Turning on the air conditioning in the summer full blast, and cuddling under the blankets

Hearing children laugh

A cool rain on a hot summer's day

The smell of hamburgers on the grill

Bodies of water..and their calming effect

Back rubs

Long talks until the wee hours of morning

The smell of vanilla

Poetry by Teala
Read 839 times
Written on 2007-01-07 at 08:17

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Excellente idea... here's my contribution to your growing list:

gurgling babies

beautiful poetry

sunshine after a heavy shower

the first snowfall of winter

being curled up with a book, a blanket and hot chocolate by the window while snow falls outside


shopping for gifts

surprise parties (whether I'm on the giving or receiving end)

a perfect score on a test (though that isnt simple :P)

the taste of raw mangoes


my favorite books... I just have to see them to feel better

soft music

I could go on and on... but I'll save that list for when I feel down again. So I can feel better about life!

nice text
thanx teala

Zachary P. B.
what an excellent idea, here you are madame:

running around outside in a thunderstorm, dancing and kissing with your love.

painting on an afternoon day, and allowing yourself to create something.

the rare "amazing song" that epitomizes everything you believe and care about.

nice naps under shady trees in the warm summer.

snow angels, hot chocolate, and of course reading by the fireplace.

Ooooo.... mmmmm....

The little pleasures we get from life.
Wonderful, very tangible piece. I can almost feel the hot coco...

Hi, Teala, allow me to contribute myself to your list:

the smell of hot coffee watching the sunrise on a summer morning...

a rainbow over a forest...

looking in the eyes of the one i love...

coming home after a long day and being welcomed (and kissed :))) there can be so much happiness and greatfulness in a dog's kiss!...) by my two dogs....

the thrills in the night of Christmas, waiting for the birth of Jesus...

saying "I love you!"...



sharing time with my family and friends...

making love to the one i love...

And the list could go on, as kath said, you might have no room left after this day:D. But congratulations on the idea! It made me feel so much better, remembering all these things that please me!

Lilly xxx

Hi Teala, you will have quite a list when day is through :)... nice to read the others contribution later ... nice initiative ... makes a reminder to start the day with...

wishing you a beautiful day

here are a few things that I came to think of:

seeing your child happy and proud ....

talking to a friend

sharing a positive moment with strangers when you are out on errands and remebering there is a lot of good in us ...

waking and letting troubled thoughts fly past you as a cloud on a summers sky ... that day you know you will cope

learning a new thing every day as every day is new there is probably something new there for me to learn ..

talking like my dogs :) --- meaning communicating a lot in silence ... ( no I am not a person talking to dogs ...)