it's up to you..

to let me stay or go..

it's up to you..
to let me love you..
or trying to forget you..

yes it's up to you
to let me stay close to your heart
or.. let me die somewhere else.. all alone..

Poetry by Miro
Read 1366 times
Written on 2007-01-07 at 23:50

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Someone will come along and pick you up it that happens, perhaps a bum, perhaps someone really great, who knows ^^
Good one btw.


Edgar John Jackson
it is short but deep. I really see how you are expecting things and it is good, but u don't have to depend on people as it is, but you better know than anybody else what you feel. It is great my friend, and you see, someone suggests the voice of my poem, but it means our friendship is joined at the soul through poems. really thanx for sharing this

Rob Graber
The guy speaking in the poem makes a big pity play--not likely to work! Compare the voice in Jackson's "Understand" : "Life will shine without you."

erm No it isn't miro, no one else is able to keep us alive, we have to want to do it and be happy ourselves, but I see the point you are trying to get to, it does take two to tango. The last two lines were a little overtly dramatic, but you are a man! and a poetic one, so it's allowed. Smiling at you, Tai