The poem is based on a discussion I had with my  disapproving Mother after my divorce and I started to chase girls again. It uses colloquial English phrases for every day matters see below.

And Who Is Cooking Your Breakfast Now? by M.A.Meddings

Living over the Brush = living and loving together out of wedlock

Fetch Ducks off water = So pretty she would disturb even randy Mallard ducks

Cooking you breakfast = Some body is sleeping with you long enough to get up and cook your breakfast 

Darker than Newgates Knocker= Newgate was a prison in London in the 18th and 19th Centuries and a dark place 

'You are living over the brush'
My mother said
With that sort of doom and dread tone 
I had become used to
Over the years
Of blood sweat and tears
As her son
My dear old mom
'Whats this about  
Leave it on out'
If you will

'But some one
Is cooking your breakfast'
She said
With the same aweful dread
Of a hell fire preacher
She should have been a teacher
God bless her 
It isnt decent
Given your recent divorce
The ink isnt dry
Before you fly
With wine bar floosies
Upon your arm

But she is  a cracker
Dear mother
Or I wouldnt bother
To cast a glance
And given a chance
Ill do it again
And again
And again 

She would fetch
'Ducks of water'
And a stockbrokers
Daughter to boot
Oh what a hoot
Ideas above your station
 My Son she said
You want a nice quiet girl
No! I dont i said with a twirl
You want a nice quiet girl
For me
Please cant you see
I want a good time gal
Just for a while
To bring back the smile
To my Physog

'Your heading down a path
Darker than Newgates Knocker
Oh what a shocker
You have become 
What is to be done
With you
Besmirching my family name
Just like that
Oh for god sake
This bloody cat
Is driving me mad 
Just like you

Well mother lets dance
I said with a glance
Please tell me how
If time will allow
I could besmirch 
A name like Chance
And now
I am going to a dance
And thence
To breakfast



Poetry by lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2007-01-08 at 11:38

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Michael in our mommy's eyes we will always be children! I had much the same experience when I became single again...she told me to behave and not to give in to temptation so quickly lololol
Adorable poem.

Zachary P. B.
if time will allow
i could besmirch
a name like chance

but chances are meant to be taken, seen, live...

excellent as always - z.

Hahaha, I love this piece! I love how you explain the interesting sayings before hand, that really helps. I love it!

Lolol... Naughty naughty Mike..

"Please tell me how
If time will allow
I could besmirch
A name like Chance"

Great read!

Are you my brother? lolol .Great 'welcome to the world of mums ' poem. Well done Mike. Regards Steve

Men who cook breakfast can be very, very sexy ;-)

Phyllis J. Rhodes
not sew, sow!! dummie me!

Phyllis J. Rhodes
Hey, Mr. Romancer, I'm with your mamma. Behave yourself and keep your britches on.
Floozying around
will get you hell bound
and mamma isn't telling you what you don't alread know.
You reap what you sew!
Remember God sees all
and he makes the call,
Being randy
might be handy
but its what made Sodom and Gomorrah fall.
tththththththats all!

Kathy Lockhart
Michael, I am just giggling here. This is absolutely brilliant! I love it. I am bookmarking this one. : ) xx

Mothers are always like that, and I guess everybody has a everybody should know how you felt then :))))))).
But in the end, what does matter, is for one to pursue his happiness, despite such comments coming even from one's mother.
This one is cute ;).
Lilly xxx