i am tired

i am tired
of being flattered
when i do things
they all come
wow that was great
but they sneer
fake people
with fake comments
designed to make you
feel good
and keep repeating
the same mistakes
i am tired
of the hypocrites
you are out there
reading this
probably sneering now
but sending me a message
that was great
be real
dont flatter
i am tired
of the fakeness
that all of you have
i am tired
so tired
maybe even fatigued

Poetry by matthew chilufya
Read 550 times
Written on 2007-01-09 at 14:28

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whoever you are from wherever you are, you have a huge chip on your shoulder imo. You should be so lucky that another poet is prepared to read your work much less comment on it. Your opinion on comments here is way over the top, get a grip man and understand that poetry is for everyone, the part timers, the dedicated poets and people who just want a distraction from their thoughts and day. No one is obliged to give indepth crit and I personally read for my own pleasure and don't like ripping folks poems apart at all. I point out the odd spelling and typo and maybe grammer to none English first language poets. Form is a personal thing too these days. I have given you 3 minutes of my time this time. Give me something worthwhile to read next time! Tai, slapping your wrist!