when we speak the truth some people get angry,truth is there is a lot of flattery on the bay...i do not care what people say about me spoiling the spirit of the bay...one thing i know is that in order to build..you have to be brutal wih the truth..so this

why do they get angry?

why do they get angry
when I speak my mind?
when I say the things
that need to be said?
they act like their
world is perfect
they probably
love living a life
of fantasy
and full of sycophancy
they love flattery
how that is deception
they only speak good
instead of criticizing
I said it before
I will say it again
flatterers to me
those are sycophants
it does not matter
your understanding
of the English language
a sycophant is a sycophant
no matter the season
so why do they get angry?
are they afraid of the truth?
why do they get angry?
can't they handle the truth?
we need to get out of our glass houses
and our fantasy worlds
and learn to handle the facts
that some people can't
they may criticize
and even berate me
but I spoke the truth
so why do they get angry?

(it could be because the truth hurts!!!!!!)

Poetry by matthew chilufya
Read 641 times
Written on 2007-02-17 at 10:06

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