I made them angry

gave out a true expression
said exactly what I feel
did not expect love
and anger is what I got
there was some constructive criticism
well and good it was appreciated
and for the one who had to get personal
and say I had a chip on my shoulder
too bad,it will not change me
definitely we all aspire
to reach the heights of immortality
flattery is a tragic thing
that is why I talked about sycophants
I made them angry
I have no regrets
nothing could be further from the truth
lots of sycophants on the bay
I made them angry

Poetry by matthew chilufya
Read 700 times
Written on 2007-01-30 at 10:22

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Controversial poem which in my opinion is very much worth reading!

My name is tai chip monk, yes! you not appreciating crit and causing trouble on this site is personal as far as I am concerned, and if you are offended, then all I can say is, you need to get out more. You are boring and I won't be bothering with you or your work again.

Bye bye