Ive lost my words...
sounds absurd, doesn't it?
But its true...I had them here for you
and its all gone to shit
on a cd where they were recorded
now it cant be read
I do dread that these particular words will exact the same fate...
Can you relate???
Writing a paper, or a song or poem
computer crashes and that moment is gone....
Rewriting, but it never comes out the same...
Trying so hard to capture the essence
Relentlessly you try, but to no avail
So you clear your mind and start anew
like an engenue ready to pursue her first love and shove aside the residual thoughts formulating and debating on how to start...

...and then you begin...

An essay on clarity by author
This was not planned or intended to be
Surface smells are gone, as is song
...but im still humming along...

Once upon a time in a land marked case, i checked for facts as i reacted to its face. What is the meaning of this asks the judgment day
and all was lost..through fire, beauty and...WAIT! I exhaled, rushing..touching those slightly as I shove them aside...
To the ground, I ride them and I glide on their flesh
the judge stands firm, but I am lighter than wind...and I give him a chill
..."For it wasn't I that killed the fly!"...eye exclaimed by visions plight
It was those without hope...as I ran off into the night...

Wind blows hard...on outstretched hands...
Making them cold or hot, depending on the distance
Resistance is futile, child!
She sits by sides of seasides heights and looks downward towards the people below...and asks..."Do you know me??"..."Have you seen my insides??"
I feel that she is too distant...and the operation to bring out her being
is far too costly, mostly because she can't be reached. She is to far for speech, but still she asks..."Do you know me??"..."Have you seen my insides??"
Im afraid its too late for her, she has been given the death penalty
and will be injected with 1000 bolts of light, and only then will people be able to see her insides
and she will be free, marked with clarity and oaths gone bad for oats aren't bad, when ingested as was she, just a child...molested

She can't be burdened anymore, and whats in store for this crippled little girl, afraid of the world
I will swoop her up on a breeze of love, and she will not need legs, as she can fly high above them, and she will understand that its not me, its her insides carrying her and she will cry..."Do you know me???"..."Have you seen my insides??"...and finally, a reply,,,
Yes, they say as they are blinded with an overwhelming sight...and they ask "how can a girl that cant walk,
manage flight?"
So contrite as they ponder, but on yonder, she flies, finally free of the past, and its burdens finally able to soar without back soars and all that has been stolen...finally free..."yes", as she cries..."Yes" as she dies......"finally."

Poetry by TheNakedPoet
Read 621 times
Written on 2007-01-12 at 04:04

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Fascinating poem had my attention right from the start, very well written. Great style Left me speechless.