To my loving brother Magnus..

I wont let you go, never!

In a suning day in June that was then i was born,
the first time i lay my eyes on you, my dear brother.

You said that i was the most beautiful you ever have seen,
you took my hand and said that i have long and fine finger.

You took care of me, gave me love,
playing and put me to sleep,
when we have chicken pox together you stay beside me.

When dad left us you took over his place,
you sacrifice your youth for to take care of me
Berra and mum.

Who would do that just like that without to consider that,
i know you brother, you brother.

If you disappear for me then i don't know what to do
crying every night and feel lonley,
you meen so much for me brother.

You have to promise me to be careful,
because i cant deal to lose you,
you are a part of me and if you disappear,
then it will disappear a part from me for ever..

I wont let you go, never!!

Poetry by Lilla Trollet
Read 1075 times
Written on 2007-01-12 at 13:11

Tags Love  Miss  Fear 

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so beautiful done
from beautiful one

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Edgar John Jackson
It is a poem of great personal emotion. I wanna say when someone decides to let her or his life for the rest of people at home, at least we gotta give deep love to this person as you do. God knows how much you love him, and only i can say to you, go on and never stop loving him 'cuz he deserves it.