Love is hard
I wish it would last forever

I at least had you once

I can't believe
I don't want to
I can't understand
that I'm alone
like always

You just left me here
I can't believe it's over
I still love you dear

I've written thousands of poems
and they all are about you
You don't know
how fast my heart beat
everytime I see you
You don't know
it beat faster
when you smile
and I can't get enough of you
especially not when your eyes shines

Even if I'm so sad
that I can't stop cry
I'm glad because
I at least had you once

Poetry by Halloway
Read 600 times
Written on 2007-01-16 at 19:59

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oh am sure it's so deep love
that make someone write and write
and what poetry omg
it's realy nice way to tell the side about what u feel
thanx for this nice text