In absence


It's good to be there,
'Cause it's spotaneous,
It reminds you that you are human,
It reveals preparation for what it really is,
A joke (sometimes),
You don't prepare to get punched,
You take it and give it back, (hopefully),
It's the mind's way of doing a quick and sudden,
Spring cleaning to introduce something you never imagine to be even fictional,
What we live for, new and nothing but,
But hey, you better hold on to basic things,
Like, not to dribble or drool in public,
That, just isn't nice,

It helps you seek for a better or another way,
To where, who, when,
Your choice,
It also takes you where you don't want to go,
Like, within yourself,

It's scary at times, but you must go,
With anxiety, an open mind and a smile,
And all of this takes time minus,
The pressure, save that for geology,
Just remember, you want to make a dent,
Not a fad,
And if it goes further,
hey, it was short and sweet,
From a mind that just recently went,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 538 times
Written on 2007-01-19 at 02:35

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i have had a bit of the blankety blank myself lately...its good to know we travel the same paths is good to find you back

All of this was very above average saga. I enjoyed it very much. I love that long line. So so on the pulse! Smiling at you, pulsing Tai

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Overall: 4

Kathy Lockhart
your blank mind is a terrible thing to waste. Its full of lots of thought provoking stuff! Keep churning out this nothingness; it sure fills the void. We all should strive for this kind of blank mind. Glad you are back! : )