I picked up this phrase from "Sacrifice" by Elton John

Mutual Misunderstandings

The fact is,
What do we do "after the fact"?,
Things change,
But what do we choose?,
Especially when you are doing it without a compass?,

It starts with "understand",
A clear and conscious idea, not way,
On how the situation is,
So the solutions can be precise and sound,

That's the trick of the world,
We need fantasy and live in reality so much,
That it is so easy to be confused,
Especially when it comes to understanding,
And even after that, it's hard to swallow,
A self-made image, even if it is a hidden sin,
But ask yourself, "Can you win with the loss" or vice-versa?,

Even the greatest image does something that we feel is wrong,
But what is the credit of watching the fall,
Besides watching them rise up again?,
Diginity fades everytime you turn on the tube, nowadays,
Maybe we spend too much time trying to understand them,
Instead of who we see and know everyday, ourselves,

You already have sinned, so put your stone down,
Try to understand for once,
A simple question of "why" might save a life,
Or most of all, encourage and mend what is hurt or even misplaced,
It is true, words are already stronger than fists,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 525 times
Written on 2007-01-19 at 02:56

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Life is full of misunderstanding saga, as long as we are prepared to understand when the truth rises through us, that is the best we can do imo. Another excellent write. Smiling at your open poetic heart