What everyone wants

Can't stand the cold

I can build fires,
But I can't replace your arms,
I can pay bills,
But I can't replace your heart,
I can light a candle,
But I can never replace the sparkle of your eyes,

People just want comfort,
And we do anything to get it,
Look around you,
It starts with money,
And it branches out like a crazy forest,
And we all get lost in it,
Instead of within ourselves,
Where it truly begins, but,
We programmed ourselves that currnecy moves faster,
Than a heartbeat,
And we all pay the price with every sales increase,

Like Sephora said to Moses,
"A jewel has a brilliant fire, but it gives no warmth",

No one wants to be cold,
It's just a defense, a false one at that,
An actor's portrayal for a painful reality, I guess,
They have forgotten why we were happy before,
Confused in what we see instead of what we feel,
And remembered how we felt before the complication,
In the beginning, there was warmth in the heart,
And because of trial and tribulations,
We gradually build defenses, oh you know,
We sing about it all the time,
Fortresses, Chains, Walls,

But it never destroy your warmth,
When you realize that,
Then it shines for everyone to see,
It spreads and it is shared througout friends,
Until finally, it is decided by another to stay within the warmth forever,
And that's what we all are waiting for,
Because honestly,
I just can't stand the cold,

The Dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 624 times
Written on 2007-01-19 at 03:16

Tags Love 

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Wicked work and so so true. Is that last line a sign off then? Fire fighter, Tai