Ghost whisperer and the eternal return




Even when I die

I will not walk to

the valley of death


I will not hear

The ghost whisperer

I will not be tempted


What is power?

When life across the border

Runs through the Blood Rivers


The other side. . .

Will never be my habitant

Because I live in the middle


Between life and death

There. . . Where the truth

Connects everything and nothing


The ghost whisperer

Seeks for followers

Blind followers


Until the day

he or she will rule

over the dead


Even if he or she

knows what it means;

Absolute death


The tree of life will linger


 while the wind will blow


Wind and fire will become one

until the moment of the resurrection

The eternal return, the eternal recurrence


Earth and water will conjure up again

and everything will start from the beginning

Life and death will haunt the ghost whisperer


Water air wind and fire

will unite to

Resurrect the spirit of the ancients


Everything will start


the beginning or the end




Poetry by night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2007-01-20 at 00:52

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Dan Cederholm

I am whitout words . . .
This is fantastic!!!

you are a talentful writer!!!

All the best . . . Hugs and all that



Phyllis J. Rhodes
I feel as though I've enrolled in a special literature class and this is to be our lesson for the entire term. It will be delicious.

We are all truly connnected with nature no matter how far we try to separate from it, I guess. This is wonderful!!!

Kathy Lockhart
Your soul speaks through your poetry is its highest form. This is beyond my scope of discription. I am awed by your talent.

That was a tornado of fantastic literature! Every stanza (ultimately unique I may add!) had me spinning in suspense until the next one! Imagine me scrolling furiously... :-D Absolutely fantastic work!